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Partnerships and investments

Hier vindt u al onze partners. Wat zijn uw interesses? Innovatieve ideeën, geavanceerd onderzoek en baanbrekende producten binnen de wetenschap van voeding.

Nuun Hydration logo

Nuun believes that you get the best out of life when you’re properly hydrated. Their effervescent functional hydration tablets are low in sugar and calories, packed with electrolytes and clean ingredients.

The Bountiful Company logo
The Bountiful Company

The Bountiful Company is a pure-play leader in global nutrition, working at the intersection of science and nature. The brands we’ve acquired are: Nature’s Bounty, Puritan’s Pride, Solgar, Esther-C, Osteo Bi-Flex, and Sundown.

Mevalia and ComidaMed logo
Mevalia and ComidaMed

Nuun believeMevalia and ComidaMed are foods to help manage Inborn Errors of Metabolism and cow’s milk protein allergy. Previously part of Dr Schär, they now complement Vitaflo’s portfolio, helping us meet our customers’ needs while offering more choice and variety.s that you get the best out of life when you’re properly hydrated. Their effervescent functional hydration tablets are low in sugar and calories, packed with electrolytes and clean ingredients.

Bodymed logo

Bodymed creates specialized online programs to help people lose weight in a sustainable way. They also offer medical care in 1,350 centers across Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and have their own product range with brands such as Hepafast, Sanafit and Hepabiotic.

FDGard, IBGard, Fiber Choice, REM Fresh

Acquired from IM Health, these brands are recommended by gastroenterologists and sleep specialists more than any other options in their respective categories.

Aimmune Therapeutics logo
Aimmune Therapeutics

Aimmune Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical business unit developing and commercializing treatments for potentially life-threatening food allergies. Aimmune’s Palforzia is the first and only FDA and EMA-approved treatment to help reduce the frequency and severity of allergic reactions to peanuts, including anaphylaxis, in children aged 4 through 17.

Vital proteins logo
Vital Proteins

Vital Proteins is the leader in collagen in the United States and a leading lifestyle and wellness platform offering premium supplements, beverages and food products for health and beauty. The business is expanding globally, accompanying more consumers around the world on their wellness journey.


Zenpep is a medication to treat people with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI), who cannot digest food normally because their pancreas does not make enough enzymes. VIOKACE is another pancreatic enzyme preparation available in the United States and Canada.

Persona logo

Persona is a leading personalized vitamin business. Its science-based proprietary technology is based on thousands of research studies and the expertise of the company’s Medical Advisory Board. The technology takes into account each individual’s lifestyle, history and individual needs to develop a customized nutritional assessment.

Atrium Innovations logo
Atrium Innovations

Atrium Innovations is recognized globally as an innovator in developing, manufacturing and commercializing science-based nutrition. Its brands include Garden of Life, Pure Encapsulations, Wobenzym, AOV, Douglas Laboratories, Genestra Brands, Klean Athlete, Minami Nutrition, Orthica, Pharmax and Trophic.

Vitaflo logo

Vitaflo is at the forefront of developing innovative specialized clinical nutrition products for Inborn Errors of Metabolism, nutrition support and disease-specific conditions such as renal disease.

Caelus Health
Caelus Health

We have a strategic partnership with Caelus Health, who is developing supplements for cardio metabolic disorders. Its research is based on specific microbiota for the early intervention and nutritional management of diabetes and certain liver disorders.

Codexis logo

Our partnership with Codexis sees us extending its CodeEvolver protein engineering platform. This platform helps create novel enzymes that will fuel our future innovations. We have exercised our option to license Codexis’ CDX-6114, an orally taken enzyme made to help manage phenylketonuria.

DBV logo

We’re collaborating with DBV to develop and bring to market its tool which diagnoses cow’s milk protein allergy in infants.

Epitomee Logo
Epitomee Medical

Our partnership with Epitomee covers developing and commercializing an edible polymer-based product with the goal of promoting weight loss and improving health. This innovation has already shown its efficacy and safety in a number of studies, with significant positive effects on patients.

G3 Pharmaceuticals logo
G3 Pharmaceuticals

Our collaboration with G3 Pharmaceuticals pursues the research and development of oral-use carbohydrate galectin-3 inhibitors, for the management of galectin-3 dependent conditions such as heart failure and chronic kidney disease.

Senda Bioscience Logo
Senda Biosciences

Senda is a therapeutics platform funded by Flagship Pioneering. It creates novel medicines based on Intersystems Biology—a new field of science. We partner with Senda to develop new nutritional therapies for a range of metabolic conditions, from obesity to glycemia.

Seres Therapeutics logo
Seres Therapeutics

We have an exclusive agreement with Seres to jointly commercialize SER-109, Seres' investigational oral microbiome therapeutic for recurrent Clostridium difficilie infection. If approved, it would be the first-ever FDA-approved microbiome therapeutic. The agreement to co-commercialize SER-109 in the US and Canada represents the expansion of an existing strategic collaboration between the companies. We already have commercial rights to Seres’ investigational treatments for CDI and inflammatory bowel disease outside of the US and Canada, and with this expansion, Nestlé Health Science becomes Seres’ global collaborator in SER-109.

Valbiotis logo

With Valbiotis, we have entered into a strategic partnership for the development and commercialization of an innovative and patented product to reduce the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. TOTUM-63 is a combination of five plant extracts specifically designed to reduce the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes in prediabetic people.

Amazentis logo

Together with Amazentis, we’ve produced a new nutrient: Urolithin A, the first natural bioactive that improves how mitochondria function. It works by activating mitophagy, a process that clears aging and damaged mitochondria from a cell. We have an equity stake in Amazentis and the rights to use the patented Urolithin A in our products globally.

Axcella logo

Axcella is a pioneer in researching and developing treatments for dysregulated metabolism. Its AXA Development Platform has produced a rich pipeline of AXA Candidates with programs in liver, muscle and blood, among other target areas.

Before Brands logo
Before Brands

Before Brands specializes in early childhood allergy prevention. With our minority stake, we’ve acquired the exclusive rights to sell the company's SpoonfulOne products outside of the US, and have the option to purchase all remaining equity in the future.

Cerecin logo

Cerecin is focused on developing brain health solutions and therapeutics. Cerecin’s lead compound, tricaprilin, addresses the metabolic deficit that is associated with Alzheimer’s disease by providing the brain with an alternative energy substrate.

Enterome logo

Enterome is a pioneer in the development of novel pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, which support personalized therapies in microbiome-related diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), cancer and metabolic diseases.

Flagship logo
Flagship Pioneering

Our partnership with Flagship Pioneering focuses on supporting start-up ventures working on nutritional health and is intended to provide us with early exposure to Flagship’s innovative insights and technologies. Our main focus is on investing in entrepreneurial companies developing breakthrough technologies in novel nutrition therapy related to brain, gastrointestinal and metabolic health.

Phagenesis logo

We have an investment in Phagenesis, a UK company looking to treat dysphagia with an innovative device that electrically stimulates the pharynx.

Prometheus Biosciences logo
Prometheus Biosciences

Prometheus Biosciences is an innovative biotechnology company performing groundbreaking science to discover and develop novel therapeutic and companion diagnostic product candidates for the treatment of immune-mediated diseases, starting first with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Dikey Vitamin Group

Dikey Vitamin Group is Turkey’s leading and fastest-growing direct-to-consumer VMHS and active nutrition player. Focused on health and wellness, the company manufactures and distributes owned, controlled, and third-party brands.